SAP BC 46 Managing Service for Inbound Idoc


I am doing implementation for interfacing with SAP system to external system.
I am using SAP Buisness Connector 4.6 and ALE R/3 for communiction with IDOCS.
I created all the schemas and Records lists for he required IDoc 's for my application downloading rom sap site.

I started Developement and Created Listner to comunicate with SAp system and I am reciving IDocs to the BC from sap and Showing
that the transaction commited and and msg send to the service which i created and called record to bundlenode. and Also I generated
service to insert into a oracle table of external system. I just called map and and transformed the fields to the table service.

From here i am not able to move ahead where the idoc msg stored in my service is it will not input directly to my record stucture, as iam still seeing in result as dummy.
Please any one can tell me how to use service.

I need Inpu that how i can called DBSQL:service which i generated from table and map to the dummy record structure and how the values transformed to
dummy stucture and map to the database service.

I am doing a fast track project please help me to get an early reply.

with regards

Satya Siva Kumar
Technical Lead
Unisoft infotech Pte Ltd
HP : 90675612

Hi, Satya.

I am not sure what you mean by “dummy record” so tell me if this describes your problem…

You are seeing values in the pipeline and are using pub.web:documentToRecord to create a Bound Node. The values in the Bound Node are not mapping as expected to a target Record, however. The Bound Node is fully populated but the target Record is not populated at all.

Is this what you are seeing? Thanks.