SAP BAPI Calls Rollback Issue

Hi all,

My Scenario is

  1. Lock the session(WmSAP/
  2. Create a BAPI template(WmSAP/
  3. pass the Input to BAPI (Modify the BAPI XMl returned from step2)
    4)Decode the bapi xml(WmSAP/
    5)BAPI Outbound call (WmSAP/
    Synchronous call.
    6)Depending on any errors ; commit (WmSAP/ or Rollback(WmSAP/
    7)Release session(WmSAP/

I see that the resulsts are commited as part of the Step5 without any need for explicit commit (step6).

I want to test the rollback of BAPI; But when i do rollback after step5 The results are not rollbacked…

Can some one throw light on this issue?

we want to have multiple BAPI calls in one session and do a commit/rollback on all these.

IS: 6.5
wmSAP: 6.5.0 (with WmSAP_6-5-0_Fix3)
OS: red hat linux

SAP Server: mySAP 4.6x


adding further…

SAP Version: sap ecc 6.0


I guess you are not Tracing in webmethods to check rollback and commit. This does not work when you are tracing.

Also check whether the BAPI in SAP has been coded to Commit by default

Hope this helps
Bhavani Shankar