Committing after calling the BAPI

Hi all,

I am working on an integration from Siebel to SAP. I am using publish-subscribe model wherein I publish the canonical. On the target I subscribe to this canonical document, extract the required data, map it to the document (created using SAP xsd) & convert it to an XML that has the Object name & the BAPI name. I have written a java service that uses services to call the BAPI and catch the response returned and to commit the transaction & trap the response returned after committing.
I have a written a flow service that follows the 4 steps mentioned in the document for calling BAPI:

  1. to lock the session
  2. service
  3. the java service that executes the BAPI & commits

The response returned by commit is similar to response returned by outboundprocesss service. Does commit call BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT BAPI that is required to commit transaction? What is the response expected from service & how do I catch the response?

Any help for this issue is appreciated
Thanks in advance