SAP application/x-sap.idoc Content Handler

We are currently having an issue receiving XML that arrives via HTTP post with a content type of application/x-sap.idoc. In our Dev/Test/Stage environment this content is handled correctly – the SAP package receives it and throws it into the IDOC Control/Data structures.

However, in our Production environment it looks as if wM has ‘lost’ the content handler because when we receive these documents all we get in the pipeline is the “best webMethods can do” in figuring out this content (basically several records that make no sense, but contains portions of the XML we sent in).

Has anybody else experienced any issues with ‘losing’ a content handler? The current version of the SAP package we are using is version 4.0, Build 502.

Thanks in advance,


   What type of program is calling your service? Where is it calling? If this document is passing through multiple web/application servers, they may be resetting this content-type to text/html. Without having both programs, it is difficult to figure out the problem.Only time I have seen this problem is the program that is invoking your service may have an internal problem/error or not setting the content-type correctly.

   If this is a production problem, send me your savePipeLine file. In the past I had created some workarounds for this problem.

Srini Bhupalam