I have this simple issues I hope , I have the following situation:
I test the sap adapter using lookup , i fill in inputs after execution the returned result isn’t the same as the BAPI return when I test it in SAP for only some fields in my case its a date .
I’m suspecting the type of the variable in SAP my cause this issue .
Does any body have an Idea about this?
Im waiting and ready for further details.
Thanks in advance!


Hi Youness,

Can you provide the SAP Adapter Version with Fix Level and JCo-Versions?

Eventually the SAP UI uses a different language/locale setting then the SAP Adapter.


Hey Thomsen,

Thanks for your help , actually I figureout that the problem comes from SAP system , some how the data is overidden .
Thanks :wink:

For curiosity matter , can you mention some differences .??
Thanks :wink:

Hi Youness,

please check the SAP RFC Connection what is mentioned under Language.

Verify with your SAP Basis Administration team wether this is matching the instance settings or not.

This setting might have effect on Timezones, Decimal characters and Date/Time-Format.

Please check if the following helps:

  1. Clear the DDIC-Cache for this SAP instance in the SAP-Adapter Admin UI and do a fresh lookup.
  2. Restart IS (automatically clears the DDIC-Cache on the fly) and do a fresh lookup.

Sometimes the SAP-Adapter and/or the JCo-API caches weird Metadata, which can only be resolved by trying the 2 steps I mentioned above.