SAP Adapter Routing Rule issue.


We are developing few interfaces which is using default routing notification to receive the IDocs from SAP. We have created the routing notification and when IDoc reaches webMethods, its getting rolledback with the error java.lang.NullPointerException.


2010-10-04 07:01:12.725 EDT Listener - Create 0A24241668D04CA9B3F6464F
2010-10-04 07:01:13.179 EDT ALE:InboundProcess - Message sent to Routing Listener.
2010-10-04 07:01:13.180 EDT java.lang.NullPointerException
2010-10-04 07:01:13.180 EDT ALE:InboundProcess - Rollback 0A24241668D04CA9B3F6464F

Looks like the first level service which we given in the notification itself is not getting invoked.

PS: We are using default routing rule for some other interfaces and they are working fine. Only for few interfaces we are facing this issue.

Could you please help us in resolving this issue? Thanks in Advance!!!


Did you check the user configuration that sends/route the IDOC’s from RFC destination/IS Admin also?..

As you said some interfaces are working but what is the diff you see the other interface which are not working?

The default IS routing listener should work intact and also check the invoked service ACL settings if anything changed just in case.