SAP adapter outbound transactions

Regarding the Transactions under the routing tab,
IDOCs that are sent from the SAP R/3 system to wM gets logged under the transactions tab under routing in the server admin.

But, when I map a XML document to an IDOC and send it to the SAP R/3 server
via ALE R/3 transport, I don’t see the transaction in the server GUI.The IDOC goes to the SAP system successfully thru the ALE.OutboundProcess service.

Are the outbound IDOCS (outbound from wM) transactions routed through partner manager?
If NO, is there a way to route them thru the Partner manager?


It is my undersatnding that the ALE.OutboundProcess does not route the transaction through Partner Manager but instead sends the IDOC directly to SAP.

If you need to route it the partner manager, you could use “wm.PartnerMgr.gateway.runtime:InboundProcess” service. This will cause your IDOC to be logged into the partner manager. You will still need a routing rule created: sender, receiver and message Type parameters be sent, and I am guessing the partner manager will then “route” your message back to the original flow that you wrote earlier to actually pass the IDOC into SAP. The transaction is logged but will be slowed down by these additional steps.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for your response.

I did try the other method to route through the partner manager, the IDOC gets sent to the SAP system.

But, when I try to view the transaction as xml under the routing rules tab in the server admin
the following error gets generated.

" java.lang.ArrayStoreException

at Code)) "

View as html and Values work fine.

I am not sure if this error is caused because of forcefully trying to route it through the Partner Manager.



I haven’t looked at our IDOC flows in while but I recall having to use “” after the to take care of the SDATA part of the IDOC. This may help you store the transaction correctly in the MessageStore and subsequently view the transaction as XML.

I am not too sure about this but it’s worth a try.



Actually I have tried using the two flows below to route the IDOC through the Partner manager.



But while viewing the transaction as xml, it is failing(array exception) in the service sap.idoc:view and the decodeSDATA step under the xml branch.

I am not sure if I am missing something here.



You should report this issue with webMethods support. They should be able to provide additional help to you.

Good Luck.


I have configured SAP adapter for outbound IDocs, and am quite sucessful,
i am now stuck at sending IDocs to SAP, can some one tell me how to do it from
webMethods, in case there are any standard set of steps to be followed, i would
Thanks in Advance