SAP Adapter or Business Connector


does anyone know if is it possible to eliminate automatically, once the idocs are processed, the .values files that generates the routing rules in the file system under /packages/pub/mailbox…?


You have two choices: either schedule the sweeper service to clean up the transaction store or use the routing only way.

They are both explained in the doc.

Basically you schedule a job to run the sweeper deleting files based on the parameters you specify. Transactions that have remained on a the status you specifiy for longer than the length of time you specify, will be deleted.

The othe way is to populate the pipeline parameter $routeOnly.
You can register a generic service and just add in the pipeline this parameter.
WmPartners when it finds this parameter will not generate any files in the transaction store. So, you will get better performance but you will loose any trace log.

hope this helps