SAP Adapter for wM Ent


I need more detailed introduction onto SAP Adapter for webMethods Enterprise. I have gone thru the documentation, but is still hazy for me.

As to when to use which adapter, and various differences between client adapter and the server adapters.

Can someone provide that with some sort of an examples?



The VERY short answer is that you will only get to know it by using it.

There are two “types” of SAP adapters for wM Enterprise - ALE (for IDOCS) and RFC (when using BAPI’s).

Both of these have a server and client portion - the server adapter is used when getting stuff from SAP, while the client adapter is used to send stuff to SAP.

Configuring both types for either IDOC or BAPI’s is fairly straightforward - at least if you are using standard (and fairly small) components.

Hope this at least tells you something. If you have specific problems, please be more specific in your posting on here.