Hi all,

I got a weird error while trying to get idocs from SAP :

[Adapter] ALEs error (109) Run-time exception while processing “CFGO_IDOC_NOTIFICATION”$Exception: (104) RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE: connection closed without message$Exception: (104) RFC_ERROR_SYSTEM_FAILURE: connection closed without message

Elements I have :

  • erros occurs when idoc is saved in SAP, in debug file I do have :
    >TS> Tue Oct 5 12:41:12 2004
    T:16 <* RfcIsValidHandle [7] : returns 18:RFC_INVALID_HANDLE
    >TS> Tue Oct 5 12:41:14 2004
    T:16 ======> CPIC-CALL: ‘CMRCV (Flush)’
    no SAP ErrInfo available
    T:16 Error RFCIO_ERROR_SYSERROR in rfccpix_mt.c : 1123
    T:16 <* RfcCall [10] : returns 1:RFC_FAILURE
    T:16 <* RfcCallReceive [10] : returns 1:RFC_FAILURE
    T:16 <* RfcCleanupContext [10] : returns 1:RFC_FAILURE
    T:16 <* RfcDispatch [9] : returns 1:RFC_FAILURE

  • in SAP sm58 transaction error is : "(202)Adapter has no operation for message “OIJ_NOM_COMM”, idoc “OIJ_NOM_D…”

  • Addapter starts up and connects correctly. But in debug file I do have the following on start up :
    >TS> Tue Oct 5 15:41:27 2004
    T:15 ======> CPIC-CALL: ‘SAP_CMACCPTP’
    ERROR internal error
    TIME Tue Oct 5 15:41:27 2004
    RELEASE 610
    COMPONENT NI (network interface)
    VERSION 35
    RC -1
    MODULE niuxi_mt.c
    LINE 1214
    DETAIL NiPRead
    SYSTEM CALL recv
    ERRNO 9
    ERRNO TEXT Bad file number
    COUNTER 296

  • when trying to relaod idoc structure in idoc notification configured operation (Process Outbound IDoc) via Enterprise Integrator, I do have the following pop up : “java.lang.IllegalStatException : No pc group active to end”

  • not a new development, it works fine when connecting the same adapter onto a different SAP instance and it fails when connecting an adapter from a different environment onto that particular SAP instance
    Thus, I am (almost) sure that the problem is not on the webMethods side but the SAP admin team assured me that RFC config is the same on all SAP instances.

So if anyone experienced that problem …