SAP Adapter ALE

We are using SAP Adapter (ALE and RFC Technologies) to communicate with SAP System.

  1. Is it possible to send a IDOC only with the DS (Status Record) through ALE? We were able to do it using RFC. I wanted to confirm whether it is possible through ALE?
  2. Is it possible to call a Functional module residing in SAP System through ALE?

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If you need to send Status record, there is a IDOC for it separately. Where the status of a previous IDOC is sent as a data record. try this.

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We are using an older version of webMethods and SAP , but we use the ALEAUD01 IDOC for the purpose. We use the Enterprise ALE adapter, when the intelligent component of the adapter successfully publishes the IDOC event received from SAP, we create and publish an ALEAUD01 event that our ALE Client Adapter subscribes to and submits to SAP through the ALE Client adapter. We populate the ALEAUD01 with the IDOC number of the original idoc received by the ALE Server adapter, and set the status to 39 - to indicate that webMethods successfully received the IDOC.
This is just one approach, hopefully it will stimulate your thoughts as to how you might want to do it.

In addition to what Ricky said above, you can also use the IDoc type SYSTAT01 for sending status records to SAP.

Regarding your second question: in general it is NOT possible to call arbitrary function modules via ALE. However, there is a number of special BAPIs, which can be converted to an ALE IDoc type and thus be called via ALE (which means asynchronously). Not all BAPIs support this feature. The SAP System must define a “mapping” between the “BAPI Importing Parameters” and the “Segements of the corresponding IDoc type”.

Check out the SAP Adapter documentation regarding the “BAPI transport”. I don’t know about newer versions, but in version 4.6 it was possible to customize a parameter in the BAPI Transport Routing Rule, which specified whether the BAPI should be called “synchronously” or “asynchronously”. This pretty much defines, whether the BAPI is execute via RFC or via ALE.

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