how to retrieve IDOC from SAP system

HI All,

First time we are integrating with SAP system

I want to retrieve IDOC’s from SAP system, we are using SAP adapters,

for this i need to create any listeners? if not

please let me know how to approach, what are all the services i can use for this?



Hi Joshua,
the SAP system is sending out the IDocs actively, so you need a Listener that is waiting until the SAP system sends something. There should be a chapter in the SAPAdapter Guide describing how to set up the ALE settings for sending IDocs to an integration server (there was one in release 4.6 – don’t know about the newer releases, haven’t read this in a while…)
Basically all you need on IS side is the Listener and possibly a notification. Then on SAP side you define the RFC destination pointing to the listener. The destination is then used in an ALE Port of type tRFC. This port is then used in a “logical system” (LS), and for the logical system you define the “Outbound Partner Profiles” for the IDocs you want to send.
Depending on SAP system release you may also need to create an entry in the “Distribution Model”, combining the sending LS, the receiving LS and the IDoc message type.

PS: here is the list of transactions you need:
SM59: Create RFC destination
WE21: ALE Port definition
SALE: Create Logical System
WE20: Combine the tRFC Port with the IDoc message types and the LS. (This is called a “partner profile”)
BD64: Maintain distribution model

And the most important one: WE19 (create & send test IDocs)… :slight_smile: