Need details about how IS SAP adapter and SAP system talk each other

Hi ,

 I need some help understanding how IS SAP Adapter could communicate with SAP Server IDOCs/BAPI/RFC. 

What is the diference between the 3 objects in SAP and Which approach best suites to receive and send information to SAP system.

What are the steps that SAP need to perform on SAP system in order to give trigger to IS to get invoice data from SAP.
In the same way How can I send data to SAP(BAPI/IDOC).
As well could you provide me differences using BAPI/IDOC/RFC/function Module.

Overall I would like to know how SAP talk to IS and steps that need to do on SAP side to give notification WM?

Thanks in advance


From webMethods To SAP :

If you want SAP to process your request synchronously and get back to you with a response, BAPI/RFC is the correct approach. Example : If you want SAP to process an order and get back to you with a confirmation number, you may have to call the createOrderFromData (if I remember well) BAPI.

IDOCs are better suited when you want R/3 to asynchronously process your message. If you are required to send an invoice to SAP and you dont care about the response, it may be a good idea to send the appropriate IDOC to R/3 instead of calling a BAPI/RFC and waiting for a response that you dont care.

From my limited knowledge about SAP, There is not much difference between a RFC and a BAPI from an integration perspective. They are functions that get exposed and they have import and export parameters.

While there can be many other factors that you will have to consider to make a final decision, the one that I stated is probably an important one.

To add my two cents, from SAP to webmethods can be achieved as well through a RFC call and IDOCS. You would have to setup listeners etc., for RFC. Or you can configure IDOCS to be spit out thats what we did. We isolated some IDOC messages types that were sent out as IDOC XML format. webmethods flow services took care of parsing and publishing. Your decision will solely depend on how u want to access data from SAP.