SAP Adapter 6.5 Centralized Transaction Store

We are planning to upgrade SAP Adapter 4.6 to 6.5. We have multiple SAP Adapters. Read about the new Centralized Transaction Store in 6.5. I like to know if we have any disadvantages or performance issues in going for CTS.Can any one share your experience of using CTS in Production environment ?


I’d like your views too – I am having problems with the SAP adapter’s CTS functionality in a clustered IS environment.

We use a cluster of webMethods IS 6.5 (SP2) with SAP adapter 6.5 (SP1), to integrate with SAP Netweaver 6.5. Documents outbound from our SAP system are picked up by the IS cluster using SAP adapter notifications. (ALE listener notification - asynchronous).

We’ve been told by webMethods that CTS is pretty much essential in a clustered environment to avoid duplicate documents being transacted. For example, CTS is necessary to avoid an ALE outbound notification from SAP being processed by more than one node in the IS cluster.

My experience is CTS makes SAP ALE outbound notifications S … L … O … W. A small batch of twenty notifications documents that took a couple of seconds now takes 10 minutes to trickle through. Disabling CTS makes the problem go away. (!) We’ve raised this problem with wM and its with them at the moment. I’ve not seen this slowdown with documents inbound to SAP.

Another possible issue with CTS is this Advantage article that asks whether CTS uses the DB or the disk subsystem.

The SAP Adapter Transaction Store and Centralized Transaction Store configuration is currently available only for Local File System. We’re planning to add SQL-DB support for the CTS in a future release.

One impact may be the ‘SAP Adapter > Transactions’ menu on all nodes in an IS cluster list all SAP transactions, but only show the message body and audit logs of any particular transaction on one node (presumably the one that processed it).

Any experiences with CTS?

No responses :frowning:

Different question: does anyone use SAP adapters in a clustered IS environment but without CTS?