Sap Adapter 6.5 and IS 7.1


We are working with Product webMethods Integration Server
Version and Sap adapter 6.5, sp1 and fixes 9 and 10.

Background to issue is that we have an existing idoc that has recently been modified to add new fields.

Issue - SAP (4.7) shows idoc correctly in SAP which is output; webMethods is ignoring the new field(s) :frowning:

Steps taken - new adapter notification generated (from specific rules to wildcard)
Document type, look-up from Sap adapter shows the correct (new) idoc and stores it in the cache.

Does anyone have any other idea where the old structure may be being cached? webMethods support are ‘baffled’ and we have been waiting over a week and now missing project deadlines.

BTW System has been rebooted many a time!
thanks guys,