SAP Adapter 4.6 - Windows 2003 - JCo version question

We currently use IS 6.0.1 + TN + SAP Adapter 4.6 SP5 with JCo 2.0.10.

When we migrate to IS 6.5 we will use Windows 2003, but not yet sure whether to stay with SAP Adapter 4.6 or use SAP Adapter 6.5.

One issue is Java Connector and Windows version. SAP note 549268 says that JCo 2.0.x is only certified for Windows 2000 (whereas JCo 2.1.x is also supported for Windows 2003).

Is anybody running SAP Adapter 4.6 on Windows 2003? What JCo version are you using? (you can view JayCo version from About page on SAP Adapter gui).


Did you read through the SAP Adapter 6.5 User’s Guide or release notes (available on Advantage) to see if there were any references to support for JCo versions?


Yes. For SAP Adapter 6.5 you use JCo 2.1.x, downloaded from SAPNet, this is covered in installation guide pdf.

I am interested in older SAP Adapter 4.6 on Windows 2003. So far I have found nothing relevant on Advantage.

Hi vandem,
as far as I know there were certain incompatibility problems with 4.6 and JCo 2.1.x. And as the 4.6 Adapter is no longer in development, I don’t think they will port it to JCo 2.1.
(SAP hasn’t done so, they only updated their 4.7 Adapter to 2.1 in one of the later Service Releases.)

Regards, Lanzelot