how can i install the sap adapter?help me.thank you.

it has two adapters:sap adapter 6.5 and sap r/3 adapter 4.6,which adapter is well?and anyone who can tell me how to download the jco libraries without logon name and password?
thank you


SAP Adapter 6.5 can be downloaded with webMethods Installer.
SAP Adapter 4.6 can be downloaded via the Software Download Center on Advantage.

There are Installation Guides in the Bookshelf on Advantage.

his decision depends on the wM Platform your plan to use or are using.

WmSAP 6.5 requires IS 6.5.

JCO-Libs can be downloaded from SAP Marketplace, but this requires that you are a SAP Customer. The best way will be to ask your SAP System´s Administrator to get the libs for you.

Current Level for 4.6 Adapter:
SAP 4.6 SP5 + SP5 Fix5, SP5 Fix10, SP5 Fix12, FP1, FP1 Fix1
WmPartners 6.1 SP1 + SP1 Fix1

Current Version of JCO Libs:
JCO 2.1.7

SAP Adapter 6.5 requires all of them, SAP Adapter 4.6 requires at least the JCO part.


I requested the required libraries from my SAP admin i.e. sapjco-platform-., sapidoc-., and sapidocjco-. but they responded with only sapidoc-. and sapidocjco-. and said they could not find sapjco-platform-.,

Am I requesting the wrong library or is there some other term that I should be using for them to identify and locate this library ?