Sample XML Document Generation from a SchemaDTD

What tools do people use to generate sample XML documents from schemas or DTDs? I regularly use(d) TIBCO’s Extensibility, but my license is up. What other products do webMethods customers use to build “real” XML documents for testing?

On a side note, I always thought webMethods should provide a XML Tool Suite with its product. It just seems to make a lot of sense from a development perspective.

The best one I have found is XMLSpy. It has a lot of great features, especially if you are using the tool to create test data. The product is not free but you can get a 1 month free trial while you look for a free tool or if you decide it is worth buying (in my opinion it is).

I agree with the XMLSpy accessment but there is a free tool from Microsoft called XMLNotepad, (I think.)

It is called XML Notepad. I have found it to be a really good tool for building small XML files without a DTD or a schema (i.e. configuration files, package startup parameters). It shows some quirks when it is used to open existing files with headers, but is still a pretty good product for simple XML work. Download it for free at

I once used IBM’s Visual DTD for creating sample XML. I think it was pre-alpha because it had more bugs than Tennessee in July. I went to IBM’s site to find a more recent release but came up empty.

So, TIBCO’s Extensibility and XML Spy. What else do people use for XML, DTD, and Schema work?

Has anyone used EditML? from NETBRYX Technologies. They had a trial license from the download area on the web site.

From the tool overview – EditML Pro is a visual editor for creating XML, DTD and CSS documents. It supports various XML document types such as XSLT, W3C XML Schema, Microsoft XDR Schema etc… DTD for XML can be created along with style sheets CSS or XSL. Imports data from external data sources which include relational databases, formatted text files and Excel spreadsheets. Default style sheet generation is possible for imported data. Advanced features like automatic DTD/Schema generation, Visual XPath query building are possible for existing XML documents.