SalesforceAdapter vs CloudStream Connector

Hi All,

What are the pros/cons of using Salesforce adapter vs cloud stream connectors?


Hi Sunny,

In general CloudStreams connectors are recommended for any cloud based SaaS API integration. CloudStreams connector list is huge and it is growing fast. Based on the use case you should decide which is more suitable for your long term integration use case scenarios. For detailed comparison I would suggest to get in touch with Sales and marketing team.


Generally, cloud integration with CloudStreams provides you comprehensive connectivity options to Salesforce. You get easy outbound integration with partner SOAP apis and REST bulk apis. For inbound integration, you get streaming notifications capability. You also get connectors enabling Salesforce chatter and wave connectivity. You can also set policies and actions on inbound webservice invocations along with SaaS goverance capability. These are some general pointers on CloudStreams usecases. PM, Sales and marketing team can advise you more on these points.