Salesforce Marketing Cloud vs Service Cloud

We are planning to send our transaction data to SF Marketing cloud and I was informed by one of their technical resources that we cannot use webMethods cloud connector (I am planning to use Bulk API connector) to connect to marketing cloud.

The connector is for service could ONLY.
Is that accurate? Is the URL different for marketing cloud. Basically he said something about using exacttarget.
Salesforce has Marketing Cloud REST and SOAP API. Can i use Salesforce connector to connect to Marketing cloud.

Please help


Are you trying to use CloudStreams Salesforce connector?
Can you paste the web link for the APIs which you are planning to use.

We can then guide you based on that information.



Hi Abhijit,

Are you using webMethods Integration Cloud to integrate with SalesForce or you want to include this API on Integration Server?

Syed Faraz Ahmed

We are planning to use Salesforce cloud stream connector to connect to SF marketing cloud.

But now they(SF team) have come back and told us that they dont support Bulk Connector for marketing cloud. I am really surprised!
They have API’s for marketing cloud and the URL to download the WSDL

Hello Abhijit,

Salesforce Cloud CRM have bulk insert option and also they have Bulk data loader API which supports bulk insert/update/delete.
So, please cross verify if they support it or not.

There are numerous ways through which you can integrate these two applications.

  1. webMethods Integration Cloud:
    You need to have a separate license for this. If there are multiple requirements of Cloud Integrations in your project then I suggest you go with this approach. Maybe you can register for the trial version and explore more on this.

  2. Consuming the Webservice:
    For one project we have an internal client which exposed Cloud Webservice and we consumed it in designer and integrated it.

  3. Salesforce adapter:

  4. webMethods Cloud Stream:

Haven’t got a chance to work on 3 & 4 option. maybe you can explore more on that.

Syed Faraz Ahmed