SalesForce Integration through webMethods- Advice Needed

Hi All,
We have a requirement to send all transactional data to SaleForce for CRM purpose and I am exploring the Cloudstream integration option.
I have a confusion though and would appreciate if anyone clarifies it

APPROACH 1(Salesforece Adapter)

  1. We will only be sending the data to Salesforce and not receiving any data. So it will be only outbound from us.

Based on this my first option is
1.My company will create a company login on Salesforce
2. Using that login I will create a cloud connection under provider under Salesforce CRM connector in the Solution on the Admin page.
3. Since this will be custom object, business will need to create a custom object on Salesforce and create custom fields, which i will be sending to Sales force

4.Then once I enable the connection, on the IS, i will create new cloud connector service using the connection from Admin page for Salesforce and select the operation(inert/delete/upsert) and business object(which business created)
5. Call that connector service in the regular IS service


Another scenario involves Cloud stream server, where in
1.I create Connector virtual service under Cloud Governance project
2. That will act proxy between on premise and SaaS provider service
3.Deploy that connector virtual service on Cloud server

Which approach should i opt for?


Your question is not very clear but I will try to answer it. It seems you are using CloudStreams connector for Salesforce.

If you are using that, you don’t need to worry about approach 2 for normal service request executions.
You will create a connection and a cloud connector service to send requests to the Salesforce. During creation of the service,
you can choose your custom objects and fields which will turn up in your service signature.

Connector virtual services are for service mediation. There is already a SOAP and a REST virtual service inbuilt which will take care of the default service execution scenarios.
If you have any specific needs that are not addressed by default service, you can elaborate them here.

FYI, for CloudStreams questions, there is a dedicated CloudStreams community forum -
You can post your questions there and check out older questions for more details.

Hope that helps.


Thanks so much

I am looking for some advice from someone who has does Salesforce integration through cloud connector with custom objects.
I have a requirement to send customer and related data(activity on customer account) to SFDC. I know that customer data can be sent over by invoking the create/insert/upsert account API call.

But the customer account activity is unique and has custom data which is not exposed in any of SFDC’s API’s.

My question is:

  1. Has anyone created custom objects
  2. How to create them? Like i logged in to my force account and created custom object and it showed up in my connection service. But how to deploy that in further upstream environments? Do i have to call MetaData API’s?
  3. If yes for Metadata API, how to use Metadata API?