Sagcc command not recognizing

Hi Team,

We are trying to run the sagcc command from CCE linux server, but cce is not recognizing the sagcc command. we are getting below error
-bash-4.2$ sagcc
-bash: sagcc: command not found
-bash-4.2$ sagcc --help
-bash: sagcc: command not found
-bash-4.2$ ^C

Some how the VM is showing -bash-4.2$ instead of the VM name so the VM got restored. After restoring the VM we still see -bash-4.2$ and when we tried to run the sagcc command after restoration we still see
the above error.

Did any one faced this type of error or any one now how to resolve it?.

Please help us to resolve this issue.

You have to add the command to your PATH environment variable, from the command line type the following

$ env |grep PATH
$ echo $PATH

It should include a directory to your CCE bin directory, if not update your PATH like so


replace CCE_BIN_PATH with the directory to sagcc command, but don’t include the command itself.


HI John,

I didnt see the PATH.

Now i will cross verify with other servers and will export the PATH.

will let you now


alternatively you can navigate to the CCE_BIN_PATH and use β€œ./sagcc …” directly from there.

Or you can check if it is possible to create a wrapper script to start CC which can be added to the run level control of the VM.


Hi Thomsen,

No we cant do that ./sagcc customer wont accept it

Hi Johan,

I exported the path and restarted CCE server even though we are having same issue like above.
can you please suggest what else can we do.


Can you echo the PATH variable and post the response here?
If the actual location is correct, this should work (and you can add it to ~/.bashrc for a permanent fix).


Hi Kasi,
Here is the output


bashrc output:

-bash-4.2$ more .bashrc


Source global definitions

if [ -f /etc/bashrc ]; then
. /etc/bashrc

User specific aliases and functions

alias sagcc_prov='sagcc exec templates composite apply ’

Command Central variables added by bootstrap installer


export CC_CLI_HOME
export PATH
export JAVA_HOME=/appjava/zulu_jdk8.0_282/jre

umask 0022

I do not see CCE in your PATH variable -

Execute this and test again (make sure that everything is in a single line when you paste the following) -

export PATH=/opt/softwareag1/CommandCentral/client/bin:/appjava/zulu_jdk8.0_292/jre/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/home/webm7/bin:/opt/perf/bin:/opr/webMethods/oracle/product/

This will resolve the issue.


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Thank you kasi,

Let me try this out and will let you know

HI Kasi,

The issue is resolved now my colleague did the same thing and now we can see that the sagcc command is showing as expected

Thanks you very much for all your help.

Thanks All for your help.

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