SAG Products on Red Hat 5

Hello Fellows,
I would like to know if someone of you heard or known something about install SAG products on Red Hat 5 box.
I tried to install Adabas 614 and when I tried to define the Adabas nucleus using the ADADBA utility it failed. I received the following message:
xrdb not found. I found out an adadba.log file and it has a message related to the LIBMRM.SO.3 library which can not open it because it does not exist.

Also when I install Natural 634 and after the Buffer Pool Settings step I received the message related to a library LIBSTDC++.SO.5 while executing “natparm”. I found out that those library does not exist in regards the library LIBSTDC++.SO.6 does exist.

Another question is, after I install Adabas I would like to setup in permanent way the $SAG variable and the sagenv. How can I do it?

Thanks in advanced


you need to install an aditional package to use the Adabas
workbench (aka adadba). It’s the OpenMotif package named
openmotif22-2.2.3 . This would install the library
you need for adadba.

The is located in an compatibility package
named compat-libstdc+±33 .


Thanks a lot…Sorry for the delay

An additional question:
Are those packages available on the Red Hat installations CDs?