Doubts to install some SAG products on Linux


I will support a coworker in installing ADA/NAT and EXX on Linux environment, however, I am not a expert on Linux, my expertise is MF, but the coworker knows Linux a little bit. So, the first doubts are: we have a third company who is responsible for operating system, and they are resisting to give us the sag user and password, however, they allow us to use SUDO instead. Will it work? According to the manual, you can install all the products using graphic mode - it seems that it is the easer way to install, so, I think that the only pre-requisit would be the x-server process running, wouldn’t it?
the last question: as I need to transfer Ada from HP to Linux, do I need to use: unload, decompress - HP, and compress and load on Linux, or I can use adabas backup from HP and restore on Linux?
if anyone could help me giving any hints, I would appreciate it alot.



when this 3rd party does not give you the credentials for the sag user (which I personally find
a bit irritating as it is your environment) how are you going to install as the sag user ?
Everything will be installed as the login user then.

Yes, you will need at least sudo rights, but you will need to be the sag user AND have sudo as per

I understand the reluctance to give away the root user credentials, but sag’s ?!?

Graphic mode:

yes, it is easier, for example you can browse for the license key, in text mode you will have to enter
the path manually etc., but it’s not really a problem, I have done a number of installs in text mode.


If you need to unload / decompress / convert / compress / load depends on
the endianness.

Linux on x86 (which I assume you will be running Linux on) is little-endian,
HP-UX on PA-RISC and Itanium are basically big-endian, but the latter are
“bi-endian” which allow them to run in little-endian as well, so if HP-UX was
configured to run in little-endian you are fine, if it wasn’t (which I assume and
is the usual case) you will need to convert your data.

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Do they also deny to give userid and password to end-users?!?!?

I’ve only done installations in text mode (some time ago now).