sag-osgi.log, what 's this?

what is this log? what do the log file record?

Hi Liu,

The OSGi component system is actually used to build highly complex applications like IDEs (Eclipse), application servers (GlassFish, IBM Websphere, Oracle/BEA Weblogic, Jonas, JBoss), application frameworks (Spring, Guice), industrial automation, residential gateways, phones, and so much more.

Please refer the below links to know more about OSGi.

Basically it is a framework and the logs generated contains actions related to OSGi module.


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Integration Server runs under osgi framework which is responsible to maintain JVM and its properties for Integration Server. All Integration server JVM configurations is maintained by this framework. The said log is the osgi log for SAG Integration Server.

With such name, we know it is related to OSGI.
But I have also noticed (9.7) that using logging framework (slf4j or jboss-logging) into a java library (jar) used by a java service, logs get printed into this file too…
And there is no reference to OSGI in this JAR or in the related package/java service.
I thought logs would be ignored or would go into server.log

Any idea?