Mysterious writings to "nohup.out"

While debugging a Java service on IS8.2 and tailing “nohup.out” I saw that some other service is writing messages to that file.

So I searched all my Java services with the Designer tool for occurrences of ‘System.out’ but none of the services it found is responsible for the entries in the log.

What other ways are there for regular (flow) services to write to nohup.out other than the Java command ‘System.out.println’ and ‘System.out.print’?

The messages written to the file are clearly business messages from documents somewhere in a pipeline. It’s no internal data generated from webMethods.

Any ideas how they get there? :confused:


Why do you care about nohup.out entries?..Is the file growing large and not able to see your java debugging messages?..Normally it will have all core dumps etc…

The file size is not a problem (yet), but what is a no-go is that the data is -as mentioned- business data, which must by no way appear outside the intended locations in a log file.

So, this is rather a data security issue.


Please check with the SAG support also as it is a 8.2 issue:

Is this a known issue or is this your guess? :slight_smile:

Check with SAG I meant…they will point you in the right direction:

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