RunStringTemplate encoding param and java codepage

Hi all,

I need help.

I am using service to prepare an HTML attachment (actually a PO). Inside HTML template I use charset charset=“ISO-8859-1”.

After a long “fight” with optional parameter resultEncoding I get that webMethods uses it’s own charset codifications, so you really got to set
resultEncoding=ISO8859_1 to get “ISO-8859-1” encoding.

So far so good, all special chars like òàùèì were right.

Recently I move into production. My surprise is to find out that is not working anymore… It is like webMethods not aware of charset ISO8859_1…

IS version is 4.6 with TN 4.6 on top. Packages are the same, is there some settings on OS/JVM level to enable charset ISO-8859-1 for webMethods?

Any ideas?

Best regards!