Introduction of non-ASCII characters on Tamino Mobile applic

Hi. I hope this is the right forum to discuss technical questions about Tamino Mobile Suite.

As you maybe know, TMS 1.1.1 has some problems handling non-ASCII characters (e.g. umlauts, accents, etc.) For successfully being able to enter non-ASCII characters in a TMS application, you have to set the client browser to use UTF-8 encoding.

This is not the default setting, which means that most people will have trouble. Moreover, after stablishing UTF-8, regular web applications that expect ISO-8859-1 will not work with non-ASCII characters.

So an alternative solution to setting UTF-8 is setting ISO-8859-1 in the application, what can be done by adding the property:


to the used by the miniEngine. For the engine (online) version I guess you have to do the same in the file, however I’ve not tested it.


That “flow.engine.charset=ISO-8859-1” setting works in miniEngine, but I tested for engine and it does NOT - UTF-8 decoding of parameters is quite wired in code.

So for online applications there seems to be no other choice than setting the browser encoding.