Running IS after installation without providing key


Let us suppose I install IS 7.1 without providing key during installation process, then I will not be able to start the IS.

Now, let us suppose I have received key. How do I use that key and start IS?


Well during installation of the IS, you have to provide the license key. If it didn’t ask for the key that means you are installing the IS on the directory where previously there was an IS and the key information was there already in the file system.

You should be able to start the IS and after the restart you can change the key information by going to Admin Page-> Licensing tab.

Even when you have not provided keys during installation you can start the server, however it will be automatically restarted after every 30 mins.

So start the IS and specify the key as suggested by Talha

Hi Talha Khan,

Thanks for your quick reply. Frankly, I was not expecting something so early.

I was asked for key information during installation but I didn’t provide it. And I clicked Next button. I was taken to the next screen and subsequently even IS got installed. But now, the IS is not starting.

And also, there was not previous IS installation in the directory where I have installed. In fact, no IS installation on my hard drive itself. I only had Developer and TN Console installation in that directory.


Hi Amar,

I tried starting the server using server.exe and also server.bat. But its not starting. Even logs are not available. I have put echo statements in the server.bat to see up to which step we are able to proceed. It’s going up to the point of running the server (java command) and then exiting.


In Wm 8.0 you need to provide a XML license file which is checked before it lets you move to next page.

Prior versions used a serial, that if you had a time expiration it would let you start IS for 30 min. But if the current key is not valid it will not even start up.

You can edit IntegrationServer/config/server.cnf file and set watt.server.key=CORRECT KEY

Then IS will start.

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