Running ES 50 on HP platform

Hello All,

I am currently running Enterprise Server 5.0 with associated adapters on a Sun platform. We are in the process of trying to justifying a migration/upgrade of this environment to v6.5. Due to the significant costs associated with this effort, we are being forced to look at all potential scenarios when it comes to upgrades. One such option, all thought very untastefull, is to stay on the same version level, but upgrade the servers we are running on. To do this we would have to move from a Sun platform to a HP platform. I was wondering if anyone had any practical experience running ES 5.0 on HP? Any pros or cons would be appreciated.

I’m hoping that this is a throw-away option, however it is one that I have to examine for due diligence. Any input is appreciated. I want to try and avoid this option, but need to gather hard, tangible facts.

Thanks in advance,