Running database queries directly from IS service

Is that possible to manipulate the data in the oracle database from the IS service itself without going through TN.

I guess through TN i can query the database whatever u want but outside the TN how can u do that?Any ideas?


Hi Ashesh,
Oracle is just another database. If you can connect to it from outside (i.e, if you have userid, password and alias info), then you can play around with it. Also there is a tnquery.bat file in webMethods\IntegrationServer4\packages\WmTN\bin. You can yse that to execute your queries directly with the database.

Ashesh, WmDB package provides number of interfaces to handle database kind of queries. It is by default loaded and is visible in your Developer ( If you have not checked it off from Administration )

Use caution when “manipulating” the TN tables. You can render TN inoperable if you don’t maintain relational integrity.

I would caution against this as well. TN stores data in LOBs and it can be difficult to interpret. If possible, use the WmTN services --don’t be a cowboy unless you’re ready to face the sheriff!

I agree with everybody cautioning about manipulating TN. I forgot to add that piece in my earlier comment.
Unless there is a genuine reason, don’t manipulate it. If possible always try to use built in services. And all the above at your own risk.