Running a process using command prompt through ILA script


I created a scriped operation on ILA adapter to invoke a process e.g.
But when I run this script it gives security exception i.e. my script is not
allowed to execute any other process.
Can anybody tell me wht sort of changes in security policy is needed to make
it work.


I assume you’re using the intelligent ILA. In Adapter Configuration, on the Java tab for the adapter, uncheck Enable Script Security and see if that corrects the problem.

There is also an Executor Adapter that is built specifically to interact with system processes.

Peter, is the Executor Adapter a webMethods PS adapter? I have not heard about it to date and like to know more.


How to run the default java service on webmethods by using command prompt

I’m not familiar with “default java service” in any wM product. Can you elaborate on what you mean?

You probably should create a new thread (in the right forum) instead of adding to a 5-year old thread in the Broker forum.