Run time NPE with xquery

I’m using Tamino 4.4 tools with the query below :

let $no-hrjc-ids := input()/employeeHRRecord/employee[not(jobCategory) or jobCategory = '']/LDAPUid
	for $u in input()/user[jobcategory][not(jobcategory = '')]/uid[. = $no-hrjc-ids]
	return $u

When I run an explain or query it fails with the following the following exception

java.lang.NullPointerException @ Source)

Any ideas?



That looks like a problem with the Java code you’ve used to submit the query, not with the query itself. To be sure, try executing the query from the Tamino Interactive Interface — if that works, you know the problem is in your use of the API, not in the XQuery.

As I said in my previous post I’m using Tamino Tool 4.4, so I guess its more Tamino’s use of the API, because the query works in my implementation of the API and in the II :smiley: