RPCBinCoder2 decode error ...

Iam getting the following message in the server.log while starting (loading packages) the integration server 4.6:

[B2BSERV.0028.0005] Loading WmSamples package
[B2BCORE.0076.0011] RPCBinCoder2 decode error for as_String class: java.util.Date

This was the message generated during loading WmSamples. Similar messages are generated for other custom packages also.

What could be the reason for this message?

Well, got the solution. This for others benefit.

webMethods has the fix for this. Here are the details:
Fix Name
webMethods Integration Server 4.6 Fix 4

This fix addresses the following issue:
The coder RPCBinCoder2 used for service/record locking does not decode Date values with offsets from GMT properly.