RPC come down in access

Hi all,

I have machine with:
. Linux version 2.6.5-7.97-smp SuSE Linux,
. Exx v721,
. Nat v61110 and
. Ada v33201

and I configurate all necessary of RPC servers…

The RPCs servers still up, but it down in moment of access.

I can’t find for error messages in logs of:
logs of exx (after set trace parameter in etbfile)
log of nat RPC (after set trace parameter in natural parameter file)

I have an machine of test ambient. All works in this machine!

The differences between machines are:
Test (that work)
one CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.80GHz
Production (do not work)
two CPUs: Intel® Xeon™ CPU 3.00GHz

Another diferences are:
in NatParm: Server Name, Server Node.
Leftovers, all is same…

Then, anybody knows what’s happen?