Row selection in "Modal Dialog" fed with different data set on different appearances

Hi Folks,

I am suffering with this problem: I created a Modal Dialog containing an AsyncTable with selectable rows. A “RiseOnChange” control monitors changes in selection and rises a AsyncHiddenCommand on any change. The command controls appearance of another table depending on the selection in the first one.
Everything works fine on first time, or if I recall the dialog with the same data set (Content has always the same structure but represents a particular set of data depending on a selection in the containing portlet). However, if I call the dialog second or more time with data set composed upon a different criteria (resulting in different content in dialog) the selection looks working but happens nothing: RiseOnChange seems not fired.
I try to clean up selection each time the dialog displayed:

	public String resetTargetSelection() {
		return OUTCOME_OK;

As a result selections are cleaned up, but RiseOnChange sill not invoked.
If I close the dialog and reopen it with the data set which was the content on the first call, everything works normally.
I found the only way to get out from this situation: If I enforce a page reload in my browser before opening the dialog, it will work with whatever data set. But this breaks previously entered and still not saved data.
I have ran out of all my ideas! Could you please guide me how to make the selection and associated actions to work with any data set?
Thanks in advance!


Hi Vasy,
Instead of using a RaiseOnChange control try having a button on the modal dialog and bind the same method bound to AsyncHiddenCommand and give it a try.

Try refreshing the dialog before opening it.