RosettaNet sign/verify encrypt/decrypt issue

Hi, Group,

I met some problem to sign a rosettanet document. the receiver keep showing the message of “signature does not exist”, but I have done below step to get the sent document signed.
The scenario is: A(webMethods) —> B(webMethods)

  1. in machine A, I setup 2 profiles A and B. upload private key in A profile.
  2. in machine A RosettaNet agreement, I set “ProcessInfo → Sign” to “Yes”
  3. in machine B, setup 2 profile A and B. Upload public key in B proflile.
  4. in machine B RosettaNet agreement, set “ProcessInfo → Signature Required” to “Yes”

I don’t know what else is needed to use signature in RosettaNet pip, the TN concept doc says signature need to invoke “”, while I guess RosettaNet module will invoke it automatically.

Do you have any idea?
Also, any suggestions on encrypt/decrypt RosettaNet doc is appreciated.

Hi, Group, just let you know that the problem resolved 2 weeks ago by configuring the correct TPA.