Rosettanet schema Dictionary import issue in wm


I am currently working on wm and updates are IS_8-0_SP1 and
TNS_8-0_SP1. I am not able to import the dictionary XML file from IS page–> Adapters–> Rosettanet page under Schema Management. I select the rosettanet_v2_webm.xml file or any other dictionary file and then click the Import Schema button. But there is no further information that whether the file is imported successfully or not. It even doesnt display any error. I tried both overwrite and merge. There is no Dictionary imported earlier. Even in the PIP Builder option, there is no file displayed under “IS Schema Dictionary”. Could anyone please help.


You need to be on RN 7.1 SP1 Fix 11 or higher, Please make sure you go through the fix readme for configurations required on wm 8.x releases.


  • Vatsal