Rosettanet Module

Hello RMG/Experts,

I am working on creating and importing PIPs in webMehtods IS version 8.2.I have downloaded DTD file from and place this files in wMPIPTools/Import folder.And I am trying to bulid PIP as mentioned in user guide.But i am unable to create /import pip using pip tools?

Could anyone suggest me how to work on rosettanet module (7.1) in webMethods (8.2)???


What is the error you are getting?

Normally it should load fine using PIP tool if you have correct DTD/PIP’s.

I don’t have any RN setup here to check more for you…

Tong Wang may be best person to comment more on this. :smiley:


Hello RMG,

Thanks for the reply.

As one of my client asking us to work on Rosettanet ,I started working on it.I have already gone through the PIP and Rosettanet installation guide and docs I didnt get any clues to how to start working on Roesttanet.

I am beginner in Rosettanet and I do not know how to start working on Rosettanet with webMethods.Could please suggest me what are the necessary steps that I need to configure and completed before we are building PIPs and connecting to the Rosettanet module?

Could you please give me sample scenario, So that i would know in&out of webM regarding Rosettanet?

Could you tell me how to approach Tong Wang to talk about Rosettanet ??Please dont mind.

Yes you are in the riht direction and load and configure PIP’s and also make sure you have all up to date fixes installed on your IS/RN module side and basically the RN module uses Process Models (via TN) for processing Inbound/Outbound PIP’s (wiht all headers). If you reviewed the RN module user guide you should have got some idea on the process wise and install steps.

Did you use search on RN topics in this fourm?

Other users including Tong Wang when they will see this thread they might reply when ever chance. :smiley:


Hello RMG/rkrishnan.13830/Experts,

Could any one suggest me the prerequisites for Installing webMethods 6.5 with Rosettamodule 6.0.1 ? And also Please let me know the list of fix packs needs to be installed while installing webMethods 6.5 in my local machine .

Is this “PipTools_6_0_1_SP1_Fix” supports webMethods 6.5 version ?