Rosetta Net PIP3A4 Outbound Problem

I’m trying to send an outbound PIP3A4 as a Buyer. When I submit the document to TN, it is recognized correctly as my Buyer internal document. However, after the document leaves my outbound map step, it’s Document Type in the TN Activity Log becomes a PIP3A4vV02.02 Purchase Order Request Action Seller Document and the Sender and Receiver roles are reversed. Then, when TN attempts to submit the document, I get the following error:

Preferred protocol not specified.

However, the partner who I am trying to send to does have a preferred protocol. I’m guessing that TN is actually trying to submit the document back to my profile.

When I setup the agreement, I copied the PIP3A4vV02.02 Purchase Order Request Action Buyer Internal Document agreement and changed the Sender and Receiver accordingly and set the Agreement ID to the name of the TN Internal Document.

Has anyone ever seen this before?

Maybe I missed a step somewhere? I disabled all of my PIP3A4 agreements except for the one I modified, but that didn’t help either.


Is your PIP internal document for outbound matching with sender/receiver/doctype as per agreement/processingrule/documenttype criteria which are extracting from the 3A4 document? based on TP setup.

What is your Activitylog shows is it triggering with correct rules/partner recognition etc…?


My outbound document is matching the correct receiver / sender / document type in TN. Then, it triggers my outbound mapping service.

Once it leaves my outbound mapping service, the service that sends the document externally is called. This is where the error happens. When I look at the pipeline for this service in the Monitor, the document content is correct but the Sender and Receiver portions of the TPA are reversed. When I look at this document in TN, the the Document Type is NOT correct (Seller instead of Buyer) and the Sender and Receiver portions are also reversed.

So to try and put it as simply as possible:

  1. Send document to TN
  2. Document is persisted in TN. Document Type = Custom Outbound Document. Sender = me, Receiver = Cisco
  3. Outbound mapping service is called
  4. Document is persisted in TN. Document Type = PIP3A4vV02.02 Purchase Order Request Action Seller Document. Sender = Cisco, Receiver = me
  5. Document fails on send, with “Preferred Protocol not specified” error

Thanks for details.

Let me try if i can help on this situation.

Hope someone will chim lite on this.


The problem was resolved. I did not set the Focal Role to “Buyer” in the Modeler.

Glad to know you have resolved the problem its a good catch,Thanks for the update.