Role of /MWS/server/default/temp folder

How does temp folder in MWS impact deployment and execution of CAF portlets?

I see exception thrown in wM713 like its trying to bind WSDL file from temp folder while executing CAF portlet under heavy load. temp folder is never used for development. How MWS uses temp folder, what is the relation? Any thoughts?

(wsclient : FATAL) - com.webmethods.caf.wsclient.proxy.impl.WSClientDynamicProxy: Failed to bind to endPoint: file:/D:/webMethods/MWS/server/default/temp/WSClientxxxxxxx/temp_xxxxx/xxxxxxxxx.wsdl and interface: interface could not bind to path: file:/D:/webMethods/MWS/server/default/temp/WSClientxxxxx/temp_xxxxxx/XXXX_PortType/xxxxxx.wsdl

Hi Gopal,

We are also facing this issue (but in webMethods82). Did you manage to resolve this problem?