Right-aligning standard column

When I set the “align” property to “right” on a Standard Column control, it isn’t showing up right-aligned in either IE or Firefox. Is this feature broken, or am I doing something wrong? We are using 7.1.2. Is it fixed in 8.2?

Feature suggestion - If the underlying data is numeric, then it would be nice to default the column alignment to right.


Can you explore what is being displayed as the style in Firebug? I might to see a css class like: ‘.caf-align-end’


Sure. Here is the HTML for the cell from firebug:



Good find. That style should be defined in MWS 7.x’s wm_cafshared css as:

table tr .caf-align-end {
    text-align: right;

Firebug should be able to confirm this as well. I wonder if there is a custom class or css definition that is overriding this style?