RI trying to connect to a TN which is down !

What happens if the TN database is down when the RI Integration Server tries connecting to TN?. How do we handle this kind of situation ?. Do we need to write our custom code in the RI IS lyer to handle this?. What options do we have ?. Write those to a queue(MQ?) or something and retrieve it later once the TN comes back ?

Any inputs would be appreciated.


I have the same problem.
You can make a simple queue with input parameters of the service, when error is occurred write to the disk inputs for the service and service name. Schedule one service which read this data and execute service with errors again with input data.

Sample schema:


  • Write service name and inputs to file.( Every time this is important to be on the beginning on the service )
    -Step2 (error occurred)
    Is there error?
    Set flag should be executed again ( maybe table in the memory)

Flow2ReExcuteService (Scheduled on every 15 minutes)
- read stored service names and input data. Execute again. Stay in attention does not execute to many parallel threads its possible to slow down the Integration Server.