RFC Synchronous Call

We created a RFC Listner Notification (Synchronous) and in the flow service we are modifying the data from Request Document and mapping the result in Reply Document. SAP is able to receive the message. But when they are sending multiple notification in same session they are getting an error saying

[SAP.111.9506] WmSap Adapter: Missing notification - MsgType: ZTEST_RFC

What can be the problem?


Hello Rama,

We are seeing exactly the same error “[SAP.111.9506] WmSap Adapter: Missing notification - MsgType: xxx” Issue. Can you please tell what did you do to resolve the issue?


Please check this Article on the Empower: KB #: 1736699


Also what is your IS version assuming you are on SAP Adapter7.1 fixes.


Hi RMG, thanks for your response.

IS Version:6.5 SP3
SAP Adapter:6.5-SP1_Fix10

This Piece was working fine before, the only change that happened is the SAP System upgrade from 4.6 to ECC 6.0.


I believe you are on older version of IS/Adapter to support with ECC 6.x

So going with IS upgrade/SAP Adapter7.1 is the only route to go with as far I foresee…Is that an future option for you?

Please check the system requirements for ECC 6.x support as you may need related jco libraries to support that.



IS 8.2/SAP Adapter 7.1 are the options in near future. But SAP upgrade is going in first hence this testing…

After further testing we noticed that this is not happening to all the IDOC Types. there are other integrations which are working fine without any missing notifications issue.

As per your suggestion i would look more into the JCO libraries. The existing versions are
SAP Adapter is 6.5 SP1-Fix10
JCO Version is 2.1.8


Yes very old…but possible option would be wM upgrade to support ECC6.x seamlessly: