RFC Failure

Hello everybody,
I’m trying to send R/3 IDocs via RFC to webMethods.
Connection Test works fine on both sides.
But when sending an IDoc following error-message occurs:

*** ERROR file opened at 20040720 161935 W. Europe Dayli, SAP-REL 620,0,72 RFC-VER 3 480692 MT-SL
T:1136 <* RfcDispatch [6] : returns 1:RFC_FAILURE

Please help me.



Was there ever an answer on this? We’re running into the same problem.

I’ve also set the logging to be super-verbose, but the error message I get is …

TS> Wed May 04 11:01:00 2005
T:2480 <* RfcDispatch [10] : returns 1:RFC_FAILURE

Hardly verbose, or maybe it is. I’m not sure what it could mean.


Have you also increased the IS Server log level and had a look at that? Some suggestions to consider:

  • Does the SAP user posting the document happen to match a webMethods UserID? If so, is that webMethods user a member of the SAPUsers group?
  • Try cleaning up the WmPartners mailbox if it is large. Run the wm.PartnerMgr.xtn.Sweeper:sweepTRX to delete older transactions (check out the SAP Adapters Guide for details on it).
  • Is this an intermittant problem? If it is, there is a fix SAP 4.6 SP5 Fix 5 which has helped some users with similar issues. Contact webMethods Support to obtain this fix.