Revoke UserName from my natural program


I am trying to write a batch natural program to revoke username of my mainframe users depending on some criteria , such as any employee who is going for vacation starting from tomorrow.


Can you explain what you are asking for in a bit more detail? Are you looking to revoke Natural Security users? RACF users? How are you identifying users to be suspended or revoked?

What do have developed so far and what roadblocks are you encountering?

Thank you for your reply

What I need is to disable user racf account programmatically using Natural code. So he/she cannot login to the mainframe until help desk staff enable it for him.

I can do that on the applucation level now where a user can login to the operating system but cannot use any of natural applications.


Do you have Natural SAF? Or any of the Software AG SAF products (EntireX Security, Adabas SAF)?

We don’t have Entire X.

I am not sure about SAF! Could you give more info about it .


SAF (Security Access Facility) is an IBM component that allows access to the security resources on z/OS from RACF (IBM product) and third party products (ACF2, Top Secret).

At one point, Software AG included interfaces to the SAF modules from Natural, but I think they ran into some issues with providing those and they were dropped.

However, I suspect you can still call the IBM provided interfaces from Natural with the CALL interface, but you will need IBM documentation to do so. Please check on IBM’s documentation websites to see how to call their (assembler) interfaces.