check user in RACF

I need to check a user in RACF, is it possible by natural? (we don’t have Natural SAF)

Then you have to write your own check against RACF. I see no other chance.

can anyone help me to do this?

I can do it by java programming (RACF.jar) but by natural …? i don’t know.

Are you talking about a batch job, or a Natural TP session (if yes, which TP monitor) ?

The link above references another forum which may be applicable here. You should be able to call that interface module from Natural just as you can from COBOL.

If that isn’t what you are looking for, Google the terms “COBOL to RACF API”. Anything you can call from COBOL, you can call from Natural, and I would think there would be at least as many assembler APIs into RACF as they exposed in Java.

Thanks for all

I need a way for this cheking, no matter way of it, I need to check user in natural by anyway.

Thanks again

Do you just need to verify that the current logged-on user is a RACF user? Are you using Natural Security? If so, using AUTO=ON logs the user into Natural Security with their RACF logon, so you only need to see *USER to get their RACF ID.