I need to install NSC and NSF and before doing it, RACF administrator asked me some things. After the implementation, RACF administrator will handle and manage all the functions, including Natural.

  1. If I use group to connect RACF and NSC, is it still necessary to LINK this user? Does RACF handle it?
  2. If it is not necessary to LINK the user to the library, how I will work SPECIAL LINK?
  3. Will I need to LINK the FILE to the library? Can I do it using RACF or NSC (or both)?
  4. Which are the functions and sub-functions that I can protect as resource? Is there any example?
  5. Will NSC screen be used? (The logon, user and password). If so, may I assume that the password will be checked against RACF?
  6. If I need to protect some statements, commands or some parameters, must I need to do it in the NSC?

When you use Natural SAF Security it is sufficient to define the RACF groups, the library IDs, the group - library links and the utility profiles in Natural Security and the user IDs in the external security system.

During log in - NSC logon exit LOGONEX1 is used and can be customized - the authentication is performed by the external security system; all further security checks - particularly concerning the use of Natural libraries and utilities - will be based on the user group definitions in Natural Security.

For further details I would refer to the NSF documentation:
There you will find also some examples.