retry mechanism at Designer and Developer

I have service with implement retry mechanism (I set Max attemps and Retry interval settings in properties tab at Developer). After run service and RuntimeException service is retried :slight_smile:

Now I use this service as process step in Designer, service is not retried:(
anybody know why?

And second question how work threads in retried mechanism at Designer because I know that if I set retry settings as service setting in Developer, the thread exist and wait while interval and thread end when service complete or reach max attemps.

How it work if I use step retry count and step retry interval settings in process step at Designer, the same - thread is busy while interval?

Service retries are executed only when the service is the top-level service. When run as a process step, it is not the top-level service. The process development docs indicate, as you mention, that retries are managed by the step configuration.

Sorry, I have no info on how the thread is managed during wait/retry.

reamon, Thanks for reply

so, I have to use process step retry mechanism (at Designer) instead of service settings (at Developer)?

But I use this service in many process. I will set retry properties (interval and count) for this service at each processes. Is there the way to set properties just one time for each processes, everyone who use this service?