Retry factor in reliable delivery does not seem to work

I use the deliver service of WmTN to implement reliable delivery. I fill the input variables ttw = 5000 (milliseconds), retryLimit = 20, retryFactor = 2. I expect from documentation that on each retry, the time to wait is doubled. But obviously this is not the case. First 8 retries happen at the same interval of 5 minutes, subsequent retries happen at 10 minute interval. There must be some systemwide setting overriding my parameters. What do I need for my params to override system settings?

I logged a wM support call on 11/28/01 for this very same thing. They were able to recreate it and logged it as a bug. I’ve not heard for sure but I expect it to be fixed either in TN 4.6 or the next major version.

In the meantime, we’ve upped our retryLimit to a relatively high value to make sure that it keeps trying for a sufficient amount of time.